March 28, 2009

My Best Gift

by Donnalyn Weir

It's a smile that I couldn’t resist.
It's the laugh that makes my heart melt.
You have the way to make me happy,
Like no one could've ever done to me.

You are a gift that’s so precious,
Oh! I thank God for being too gracious.
He blessed me with an angel,
So now, true love I could feel.

When I’m weary I just stare in your eyes.
And there I see the joy, my prize.
It's more than any diamonds.
It’s priceless; it could even heal any wounds.

A dull life I had, is now painted
With beauty and colors that’s so enchanted.
You’re more than a gifted painter,
Coz you’ve done what Da Vinci could’ve done, never.

For now, you are not yet aware.
How much thankful I am that you’re here.
In years to come you will see
How happy I become since u came to me.

I hope one day you will understand,
That for you, I will do everything I can;
For pain is nothing, compared to the sweetness
That I feel for you and that’s what I’ll always cherish.

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  1. Very truthful words!

    Hope to see more poems in the future.

    You might be interested to join our Poetry Friday. I have the link in my blog.

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