January 1, 2009

Prisoner of Love

by: Donnalyn Weir

She is living miserably
Making herself believe, everything’s okay
But deep inside her, she cries
To end all the pain and lies.

Her nights have been spent crying
Knowing the reality that she’s drying,
Maybe her body is living,
But her spirit and soul are dying.

“Let me go!” she asks.
“Untie me from sorrow and lust
I don’t want to be your prisoner.
And suffer from pain forever!”

She knows it takes forever to success,
To get her unending quest,
But she continues to pray
That one day she will be free.

Her heart is always bleeding.
“Save me” is all she’s asking.
I don’t want to stay as prisoner.
I don’t want to be like this forever!


  1. Sometimes bad people need to punish and to realise what they have done...

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