January 1, 2009


by Donnalyn Weir

Millions of lives were lost
Because of thy selfish cause,
Why do we want to see blood?
That’s flowing like a flood.

Families and friends cry
To hear that soldiers die
How many rivers of tears to be shed?
How many tons of lives are needed?

It’s a fight for centuries
To extend each other’s territories
Everybody wants power
So war, they discover.

Other wants to prove
Other people disapprove.
So because of selfishness,
They put the whole world in mess!

From the time Americans defeated Germans
To the countless death in March of Bataan,
Until now we are still in war.
So we want our quest for power to go this far?

Prisoner of Love

by: Donnalyn Weir

She is living miserably
Making herself believe, everything’s okay
But deep inside her, she cries
To end all the pain and lies.

Her nights have been spent crying
Knowing the reality that she’s drying,
Maybe her body is living,
But her spirit and soul are dying.

“Let me go!” she asks.
“Untie me from sorrow and lust
I don’t want to be your prisoner.
And suffer from pain forever!”

She knows it takes forever to success,
To get her unending quest,
But she continues to pray
That one day she will be free.

Her heart is always bleeding.
“Save me” is all she’s asking.
I don’t want to stay as prisoner.
I don’t want to be like this forever!

December 28, 2008

A Beautiful Place

by Donnalyn Weir

The serenity of thy sky
Makes me feel that I could fly
And when I look around
Green tress and grasses, I have found.

Oh! This place is so beautiful.
God is so wonderful
To bless me with this place
Where I found peace

I beg to live here
And hope to stay here forever
City is just like a beast
But living here is like a sweetest kiss

The purity of thy air
Is like a mom that truly cares
I want to sleep in thy sweetness
And hope to wake up the same, is my wish!