December 23, 2008

True Love

by Donnalyn Weir

True love, let me feel you.
Command thy sadness to let me go
When will my eyes stop crying?
When will my heart start healing?

Tell me how can I find
The healing you promise that's so kind
Embrace the world with your loving care.
Please convince me that you are real.

Oh why are you seem so far?
Will you remain to be an unreachable star?
When will your mystery be revealed?
Please don't make me feel I failed!

From this day forward I promise
That even it takes forever to find you,
And seems owning you will just be given to few;
And that life is always unfair;
I will still get you, that's what I swear!


  1. Hello.. have a good day. Thanks for poet.. nice..and smile 4uu

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  4. hey nice bloog and good poetry...i love making poetry too...